Meet the talented group of individuals who create the VENTURES experience.

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VENTURES = Our Team 

Brandon Bertrang {founder} [doo-er]

Loch Durrant {construction management} [kuh n-struhk-ter]

Skye Durrant {co.founder} [vizh-uh-ner-ee]

Jake Lubig {superintendent} [ana-litics]

Jake Steward {design} [kree-ey-ter]

Alex Tartaglia {project management} [co-mun-i-cay-shuns]

VENTURES provides a premium design build experience specializing in custom entertainment spaces. Our team of designers, sales consultants, and construction supervisors work hand in hand with each client throughout their entire project to create innovative, functional, and beautiful living spaces.

Transparency is a pillar of our firm. We introduced a new web portal to further improve our customer experience. Clients can now easily track photos of the construction progress, view the build schedule, approve change orders and selections and access important documents from anywhere at anytime.